Quiz 5 – General Knowledge

General Knowledge

  1. Which one of the following numbers is a prime number? 12,15,17,21,27 
  1. What is the only even Prime number?
  1. What is a synonym
  1. True or False, amphibians are invertebrates
  1. Which famous artist cut off his ear?
  1. What do the rings on the Olympic Games symbol represent?
  1. In which state is Harvard University located?
  1. What type of animal is a Cotswold Lion
  1. What is the collective name for a flock of  a) Starlings,  b) Crows   c) Badgers and                                         d) spell the last answer 4 pts
  1. 10.Name 3 counties starting with the letter H in England – Herts, Hants, Herefordshire   3 pts            
  1. 11. What distance equals 220 yds/1 eighth of a mile?
  1. 12. What year did Hilary and Tenzing climb Everest?
  1. 13. Who is the earliest, most famous bowler in England and where did he play?  2 pts
  1. 14. Can a pandemic be classed as an epidemic?  Yes or No

20 pts