Quiz 4 – Science


What was the Manhattan Project?

Charles Darwin is remembered for his theory of evolution the data of which he gathered whilst on a 5 year expedition aboard which ship?

Which Austrian monk discovered the basic principles of heredity through garden experiments and is known as the ‘father of modern genetics’?

In 1869 a Russian chemist started the development of the periodic table, arranging chemical elements by atomic mass. What was his name?

Ascorbic acid is a form of which vitamin?

The molecule DNA is described as having which shape?

Percy Spencer invented which time saving kitchen appliance?

In an optical system, what name is given to the measurement of how strongly the system converges or diverges light?

In science, what name is given for the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom?

Name the well known test that discovers whether a solution is acidic or basic?

Which English scientist’s steelmaking process became the most important technique for making steel in the late nineteenth century?

In mechanics, what name is given to the support about which a lever pivots?

12 pts