How to Play Bowls

The main things any new bowler needs is to learn:

  1.  ‘the game’
  2. how to choose bowls
  3. etiquette and laws of the game

1. For those who enjoy reading then World Bowls is a good place to start, 

For others the art of learning is through playing so we recommend our Social roll-up/game sessions on Tuesday mornings, 10.30-12.00, and Friday evenings 18.00-dusk with refreshments available and open bar on Fridays.  We have 5 registered coaches who run designated group sessions but who can be booked for individual tuition. 

2. A basic generic guide for choosing bowls can be found on the blog, Lawn Bowling Online, 

All bowls manufacturers tend to have their own site with guidance on the trajectory of the different models. Drakes Pride, Henselite, Taylors, Almark and Aero are well known manufacturers. Visit a local outlet (search online for shops such as Shot Bowl and Bowls Bi-Us where generally you can see bowls of different makes and models. Mark Royal under Potters Bowls visits Huntingdon Indoor Bowls Club several times a year, contact HIBC for specific year dates.

3. Playing the game with more experienced players will over time instill the laws and etiquette into most club bowlers minds and see various pages under Knowledge.