Hickey Family Quiz – 11th April

As a family we are using Zoom to play a weekly post dinner Saturday evening Quiz so wine glasses are on view and we can see who tops up the most. There was one who spilt red wine over a light coloured rug which only drew raucous laughter and suggestions from salt, white wine and water to remove. Scientists know that adding a chemical to a chemical will cause a reaction which is likely to ‘fix’ the stain but by the next morning his partner had produced a different rug she just had in the cupboard which is all colours in the orange, red & brown spectrum! Amazing pre-planning!

We have played  2 so far and it was my turn to set the questions last week. We link up 2 families in Fenstanton, 1 in Ely, 1 in Kew and 1 in Sydney (this involves getting up at 5.30 in the morning so this is hit and miss as he is a young man but has a 50% record to date!). Other applications to see multiple people are available e.g. HouseParty so worth trying it out if you haven’t thought of it. 

I have listed my questions from Quiz 1 – Quiz 5 for you to have a go at. I can’t stop you using Google but that rather defeats the object of the game so send me your answers by email and I will mark them, carolehickey@outlook.com

Hope you enjoy, Keep Safe