George Smith – Life Member

Memories from friends on the occasion of George’s 100 birthday in September 2019




Years ago, soon after George came to help us on the green, the mowers were not in a very good condition, so we had to make up some rules for using them.  One was to make sure that the user made sure that there was oil in the sump.  George was not aware of this and took one of the mowers out and started mowing.  He did about two lines of cutting and then there was a terrific bang and found that the mower had blown up!!  A piston had broken and pushed through the engine casing.  We then spent the next half an hour picking the shrapnel up off the green in case it got picked up by the other mowers and damaged the blades.  George’s penance was to get us another engine cheaply, which he did!

Next we decided we needed some fertilizer to help things along.  George got this but we did not know it was rather strong.  Some of it had fallen on the path we had walked on and of course we transferred it onto the green.  Next day we could see black footmarks all over the grass which had become burnt by our new fertilizer.  George was not very happy!!!

He did not like us to use a roller on the green but we found an old triple roller in the garage and we tried (without George’s knowledge) to use this.  Unfortunately, it was too heavy so after we were having a drink (or two) one night we had the idea that by using one of the machines that George had bought (namely a scarifyer) it might pull it for us.  So, the next day Sam went to the green and found Cyril had disconnected the scarifying blades and tied the rollers on to the back and was charging around the green like BENHUR.  We managed to use this again a couple of times until George caught us one morning, oh well!!!

Thanks for your technical help George, it made our lives easier.

Sam and Cyril