End of Season 2020

Thank you everyone who came along to our organised sessions or just played with friends. I know personally that being able to play and to sit and chat has made a huge difference to my now single life and many of you have said it has helped you as well. We have gone from full lockdown in March to a gradual opening up of our outside life with Lawn Bowls being in the vanguard of sports allowed to restart by mid-June. At first it was singles only on alternate rinks but as the weeks went by we were able to go on to Pairs and Triples. We had disinfectant for the limited equipment we could use and hand sanitiser for every rink for personal use. We are grateful to the Community Shop who always had more available when we needed and also for providing paper cups for our outside cafe under the gazebo. Very useful having an electric socket in the garage to boil the water. Andy ensured we had drink for the bar which was popular for Friday social play evenings before moving to Sunday afternoons. Members pulled together to weed the flower beds and patio, cut the hedges and cook the bread pudding and cake enjoyed at Social times. The mowers ensured we had a surface fit for play throughout the whole season which we were able to extend to 11th October this year. We also managed to hold a 1 day Mixed Triples competition with 6 teams entering and members bringing in hot food in slow cookers to put in our heated trolley (distribution board and a single socket) so bacon butties, hot dogs and burgers with cakes for afternoon tea. What a great club with so much goodwill

Let’s hope for a ‘back to normal’ 2021 season and remember we have all experienced something which we will never forget but please we don’t want to go through again. Go to the Photo Gallery for views of our shutting up shop for the year.