Club Competitions

The Club Competitions, except for the Ladies 2 wood singles, are played under EBA Laws. All members are automatically put into the draw for the competitions they are eligible for. Any member not wishing to take part MUST fill in a Competitions OPT OUT form which is emailed to members with the Membership Application form, posted under Join Us and hardcopies attached to the Competition Board in the main shed.

They are as follows:

Ladies 2 wood Singles – EBF Laws, 

Ladies 4 wood Singles

Mens 4 wood Singles

Over 60’s 4 wood Singles

Men’s 4 wood Pairs

Mixed 3 wood Triples

New Players Singles

Rules of the competitions and guidance for a Marker can be found on the Competition Board 

There are also 2 x 1 Day Club Trophy Matches played during the season, all under EBA Laws. They are:

Wilkie Rose Bowl – teams drawn randomly in advance by Organiser

Colley Plate – Mens v Ladies Triples