2021 Colley Plate review

The weather was so kind as storm warnings had been issued earlier in the week but not a drop of rain fell and the day was warm for a match which was not played in 2020 Covid year. Yet again the ladies were runners up in the 2021 annual match for the Colley Plate despite recruiting 3 new members for the occasion. The final score of this 18 end Triples (actually 4’s in the ladies teams) was 2 rinks to the men and one to the ladies.

The new ‘ladies’ were tasked with skipping their rink and had 3 bowls to use with the long standing lady members only 2. Men’s rinks played with 3 bowls so 9 bowls each team but a great advantage which clearly led to their victory seen throgh my female eyes!! They were Andrea Foad, Johanna Fisher & Petra Hilton with the look alike Brittany aka Andrea skipping their rink to victory, see below. For more photos visit the Photo Gallery.